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Meet The Minnesota Farmer: Jason Helstrom from Helstrom Farms

The fifth-generation rancher from northern Minnesota relies on sustainable farming to improve the land for both animals and humans.

Jason and Charity Helstrom’s kids are kneeling in the dirt, heads down, their hands digging through the dark soil. When they look up, all six of them are holding bundles of worms. And they’re smiling (the kids, not the worms). For Jason, a fifth-generation rancher and Minnesota farmer, it’s a sight to celebrate — not only because of the joy on his children’s faces, but because an abundance of worms is a key indicator of healthy soil.

Jason Helstrom of Helstrom Farms in Minnesota and his family at their Minnesota Farm

Farming in Minnesota

Jason’s great-great-grandfather, Jacob, established Helstrom Farms in the early 1900s after emigrating from Finland. The family’s plot of land in northern Minnesota — where Jason was born and raised — has grown in the century since, shifting from cultivating potatoes into a cattle and chicken operation.

But it’s not what’s on the land that’s changed the most. It’s the land itself.

About a decade ago, Jason and his father, Mike, transformed the 160-acre property into a sustainable Minnesota farming operation. They started by introducing a process called mob grazing in which cattle are moved to a new pasture segment every 12 hours.

Rather than eating the grasses all the way down to the soil, the cows munch on tall stalks of grass. This practice reduces erosion, better sustains the root systems, and helps restore the ecosystem. “It’s working with nature, rather than against it. The cattle help nurture the very land on which their food grows,” says Jason, 39. “This way of farming takes more time and patience but will pay off for generations.”

Surrounded by thousands of acres of wild, native woodland, Helstrom Farms isn’t influenced by chemical or water run-off from other agricultural projects, which leaves the property pristine. Jason is maintaining that unsullied landscape by relying on a more natural grazing process, one inspired by the bison that roamed North America’s prairies.

The positive impacts of his sustainable farming techniques are evident: Plant species have reappeared. Deer and turkey and flocks of birds are present in greater numbers than ever before. And worms are abundant. “We look at soil as a living organism. Soil that is full of life is soil that supports lush, healthy, and natural growth. And that growth is then full of the minerals and nutrients animals need,” Jason says.

Grass-fed beef in Minnesota

Helstrom Farms is known in Minnesota for grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for human health.

The True North Woods Organic grass-fed beef has up to five times the Omega-3s as grain-fed beef, less cholesterol, and higher levels of vitamins A and E and macronutrients such as potassium and iron. Minnesota grass-fed beef from Helstrom Farms is free of additives, hormones, pesticides, and unnatural supplements, as are the farm’s pasture-raised chickens.

Landscape shot of Helstrom Farms in Minnesota

Helstrom Farms Today

One of the family’s favorite dishes is Charity’s chicken pot pie. From the homemade pie crust to the farm-raised chicken to the gravy cooked from their own chicken stock, it’s love in a bowl. “It makes me feel good to know I’m feeding my family healthy, clean meat that’s straight off the farm,” Charity says. The family wants to share that good feeling with more people.

Jason knew at four years old that he wanted to be a farmer. Today, he has three goals for his family farm: “We want to take care of the environment — we want to leave it way better than we found it. We want to give our animals a good life. And we want to provide clean, nutritious, and delicious food for our customers.”

Currently, Helstrom Farms sells its beef and chicken direct to consumers through its website and to a handful of discerning area restaurants such as Stay’d, who’s menu focuses on modern takes on wholesome, home-cooked comfort foods that are available through their online food delivery service. That means you can now order quality Helstrom products for dinner, direct to your house and freshly prepared by Stay’d — including popular menu entrees like the braised short ribs and the locals’ favorite Heavenly Tater Tot Hotdish.


Stay’d is proud to partner with local farmers in Minnesota like Jason in our quest to elevate the quality and experience of online food ordering and dinner delivery services through our St. Paul and Minneapolis restaurant locations. Naturally, we support his goals for his family farm and are grateful that high-quality, healthy, sustainable products are made available to our customers and us.

You can learn more about Stay’d or order dinner from our online food delivery service. We can't wait to serve you!



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